Recruitment Page

Babel Fish Inc. Reloaded is currently recruiting active players who enjoy working with others.

Our Mission:
To work toward the greater good of our, Alliance(Brave), Corp and ourselves while having fun!

What we offer:

  1. Good company of following eve players who enjoy various aspects of the game.
  2. CTA’s(call to arms) to go out and fight.
  3. Null sec life, join us in making some good Isk
  4. Trade hub in the area for alliance/coalition
  5. Current corp tax rate is 10%.

Alliance / Coalition Requirements:

  1. You will be required to be on voice comms with the coalition when playing. You don’t have to talk but you do need to be able to hear. (This is so you can call for help. Or that you can go and help others)
  2. The corp as a whole needs to have 15-25% participation in CTA’s. There are generally four to five CTA’s a week. Once a month is a moon mining CTA.
  3. Will need to skill train to have the ability to fly alliance/coalition doctrine ships.

Corporation Requirements:

  1. Train in corp doctrine after the alliance/coalition doctrine ships training is done.
  2. Be a member of the corps discord server.
  3. Need to show some level of participation in addition to alliance/coalition CTA’s. The corp should not need to carry you. Inactive players may be removed but re-instated once they become active again.
    • Note that the more alts you have, the more participation overall you will need to do. 10 characters would need apx 2 participation points a month.
    • Generally this in not much of an issue and if you can get more that is great!
  4. Need to provide full API Keys which are to remain active and in place. Please login to our SeAT server and approve the key request here:

If this sounds of interest to you Please contact us.

Public channel: babel Fish Public

Public Discord:

send an in-game e-mail to the following.

CEO: Blue Sparrow Evans